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Bluekens EV

City logistics are undergoing big changes. On the one hand, time and traffic pressure is increasing and on the other hand, sustainability requirements for city logistics are becoming more strict.

Bluekens EV is convinced that innovation and a different approach will determine the success of zero emission city logistics. Our goal is to implement a future-oriented zero emission solution for your fleet. We focus on the vehicle, power and charging infrastructure, fleet and logistics. Customers in construction, parcel delivery, services, food and e-commerce are enthusiastic and benefit from our 360° approach to achieve a sustainable all-in-one-solution. Bluekens EV makes city logistics safer, more efficient and more intelligent.

Our services

The three services of Bluekens EV

In order to give you optimal support, we have three services: vehicles, energy & charging infrastructure and fleet management. Of course, clients can go for one or two services, but we achieve the best results and efficiency when we apply our 360° approach. That way we can coordinate everything and set realistic, but ambitious goals for the future.


  • Zero emission vans and trucks
  • Customized solutions for construction, food, e-commerce, service, etc.

Energy & Charging infrastructure

  • Installation and management of charging infrastructure
  • A future-proof solution, flexible enough to modify when needed
  • Data sharing for further development

Fleet Management

  • Maximized uptime
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Mobile service
  • Real-time insights

The six advantages

Thanks to our unique 360° approach, we are able to offer you six strong advantages:

Prove sustainability

Preparation for a zero emission future with zero emission zones

Increasing fleet availability

Reduce vehicle operating costs

Tax benefits

Increasing safety of drivers and the living environment

Discover your opportunities with the Bluekens EV Energy Scan

Planning to buy electric vehicles? Start by reviewing the charging infrastructure needed to fulfil your ambitions. This will prevent unpleasant surprises, such as restrictions in the grid connection or empty batteries after a night of charging. An energy scan by Bluekens EV answers questions such as:

  • What possibilities are available for charging infrastructure;
  • The status of the current infrastructure;
  • Possible risks;
  • Required development for future needs;
  • Feasibility of the desired situation;

What is your challenge?


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