The six advantages

of the 360° approach by Bluekens EV

All advantages in brief:

1. Proving sustainability

There are multiple reasons for wanting to drive zero emission. It can be part of an organizations CSR policy, but it can also help in obtaining a tender. Either way, zero emission vehicles are immediately clear evidence that you are contributing to CO2 reduction.

2. Preparing for an emission-free future with zero emission zones

From 1 January 2025, there will be zero emission zones in cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Utrecht and Groningen. So, it is no longer a question of when organizations should start the transition to zero emissions, but how. We support and advise in making the choices and then we can also fully carry out the implementation.

3. Increase fleet availability

Through specialist knowledge of electric vehicles and our intelligent software system, we reduce the downtime of electric fleets and keep electric vehicles optimally available. Even better: our starting point is an up-time guarantee. We anticipate possible scenarios and do everything we can to ensure that our clients operate efficiently and sustainably. We monitor the vehicles non-stop and take immediate and adequate action in the event of necessity.

4. Reduce operational costs of vehicles

By performaing preventive maintenance and smart repairs, we keep the operational costs of vehicles low. We know exactly where and when costs incur. We plan a tire change or other regular maintenance intelligently and efficiently so that it does not disrupt operations and the costs are transparent and as limited as possible.

5. Tax benefits

Zero emission vehicles improve the quality of the living environment. That is an important benefit, but the tax aspects also count. Thanks to zero emission driving, organizations can obtain benefits. Think of the Environmental Investment deduction (MIA). In addition, organizations that drive zero emission vehicles have a better chance of winning tenders.

6. Increasing driver safety and the living environment

When choosing vehicles, we consciously opt for zero emissions. That is the least we can do to improve our living environment. In addition, we find it important to make safety an integral part of the approach. Cities are becoming increasingly crowded, putting safety under pressure. By designing smart vehicles, we increase the safety of drivers and the people around them.