Energy & charging infrastructure

Service of Bluekens EV

Comprehensive analysis of the current and future situation

We do not operate on the basis of a one-size-fits-all approach. We always make a thorough analysis of the situation and processes. Think of: smart charging, limiting the energy connections and making optimal use of the available energy.

Then, we investigate where the opportunities lie for making sustainability a success. Our initial focus is on the clients logistical and operational processes. We make an inventory of the available knowledge, cooperation with partners, a vehicle and location scan and take a critical look at future goals. In practice, it often turns out that efficiency improvements are possible. If possible, we combine this with the question of how we can solve logistical challenges without emissions.

If the situation gives reason to, we proceed to an energy scan to gain good insight of the energy and charging infrastructure. We do this in cooperation with one of our suppliers, for example Floading.

What insights do you gain from the energy scan?

Discover your opportunities with the Bluekens EV energy scan

Planning to buy electric vehicles? Start by reviewing the charging infrastructure needed to fulfil your ambitions. This will prevent unpleasant surprises, such as restrictions in the grid connection or empty batteries after a night of charging. An energy scan by Bluekens EV answers questions such as:

  • What possibilities are available for charging infrastructure;
  • The status of the current infrastructure;
  • Possible risks;
  • Required development for future needs;
  • Feasibility of the desired situation;