Fleet management

Service of Bluekens EV

Continuity within the logistics operation

Fleet management, or as we prefer to call it up-time guarantee, ensures continuity within the logistics operation. In name alone, Up-time Guarantee goes much further than fleet management. It’s about what you do with the knowledge and data and how you anticipate possible developments and events. We monitor the vehicle fleet constantly. We also respond immediately to emergencies and if the circumstances demand it.

Asset management can provide insight into the status of vehicles and charging stations, as well as other things. It enables organizations to make cost estimates in advance. A (preventive) repair can be planned, so that downtime can be managed.

With our own smart software, we provide insights into where any costs are incurred, so that we can steer for improvement. If maintenance, such as a tire change, is required, we know about it well in advance, so that maintenance can be scheduled efficiently. In this way, the operation experiences little or no inconvenience. Everything for an efficient and sustainable business.

We have a range of tools at our disposal to guarantee up-time:

  • Business process analysis
  • Fleet analysis
  • TCO analysis
  • Energy scan
  • Charging infrastructure scan
  • Brand-independent vehicle offerings in a broad range
  • Strong up-to-date knowledge of the market and emission-free technology
  • Multi-year implementation plan

What are your chances to become successfully sustainable?

Discover your opportunities with the Bluekens EV energy scan

Planning to buy electric vehicles? Start by reviewing the charging infrastructure needed to fulfil your ambitions. This will prevent unpleasant surprises, such as restrictions in the grid connection or empty batteries after a night of charging. An energy scan by Bluekens EV answers questions such as:

  • What possibilities are available for charging infrastructure;
  • The status of the current infrastructure;
  • Possible risks;
  • Required development for future needs;
  • Feasibility of the desired situation;